Whether it’s a large project or small, Hydrovac Solutions offer services for every client at any capacity.


Potholing is the hydro excavation technique used to locate subsurface utilities when the exact position of the utility is known. Pot holing is most often used when a contractor needs to verify the depth, size or type of underground utility or to check for any damage such as punctures and cracks…

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Strip Trenching

If excavation of the entire hole is not warranted then a strip trench in the form of a cross can eliminate the presence of services before drilling, digging or boring proceeds…

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Drain Pit Cleanouts

We offer a range of various capacity Drain Cleaning units which use powerful equipment to clean drains, pits and pipes. Debris is vacuumed into the unit for easy removal…

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Cable and Services Locations

Hydrovac Solutions offers state of the art underground utility locating equipment and techniques to locate conductive underground utilities services like power, water, gas, drainage and communications…

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Spoil Removal

We can manage every aspect of your project including the clean up stage and ensure that the removal of spoil from a site is done in an efficient and environmentally friendly way…

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We can provide extensive reports along with recommendations, cost analysis, feasibility studies and more to help you make informed choices about your projects.

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